Tuesday, 8 September 2015

My memory down lane @ The Historial City
It has been 9 months ago I last make a visit to Malacca with my darling and our friends. A good holiday weekend one! 

(sorry I could not upload earlier pictures since I am hooked with some stuffs) 

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17th Jan

We walked to the famous pasar malam, Jonker Walk. We are also getting the chance to pass by the other famous places such as Museum and Quayside River. It was a beautiful night. When we were about to reach the Jonker Walk, there is a big beautiful decoration in front of my eyes. And there is so packed full of people, crowd. I walked through all the night so full with people. Feel sweated and sticky and hot! There are a lot of food, toys, clothes, shoes, souvenirs, drink and much more you can find and buy. Not only that, there are good shops are selling famous Malacca biscuits. Along the night, I got the chance to try Malacca food the first time in my life. 

This is Nyonya Laksa.
I chose the table far as it is not so crowd and I ordered the Nyonya Laksa, which is just in a corner away. It is only RM5 per bowl. I tasted it for the first time and it was a really yummy flavorful. Nyonya is known for its Malacca traditional food.

It is Chinese dumpling.

It has the mixture of chives and pork dumplings. To my surprise, they looked in small portion however they are good and delicious one, compared I have tasted in KL. RM5 for 5 pcs.

I got the chance to taste this local Ice Kacang Durian Cendol. It is so sweet, much sweeter because they do add in the gula Melaka is which already so much sweet. Yucks! Luckily we only ordered 1 bowl for about RM7, I cannot remember back.

Then after that, we walked all the same way back to hotel. We get to see the Quayside River where we see the boats to carry few passengers to pass by on river. There are few old trishaws with beautiful bright colourful decorations on and its RM40 per ride. Expensive isn’t?

There are many other attraction places too such as the popular Malaaca Tower is also nearby you can bring whole family to have view the city there.

18th Jan

The next day, we all were about to check out from the hotel in the noon and we continued our jalan-jalan makan. There I list out the café & kopitiam to hunt for food. 

We have started with our lunch over at Jonker Walk to find the famous Malacca’s Chicken Rice Ball, which locates at Kopi Chung Wah but there was a in a very long queue people standing with umbrella under the sun! We did not want, so we chose another café Hon Kee Chicken Rice nearby for the same idea. This café is a bit cosy with air-conditioned. The environment is nice. The rice ball is RM0.50 per piece.

Along on the Jonker Walk Street, you may find the beautiful old pre-war houses. Some are renovated to business cafes, hostels and of course home to many Malaccan who will attract many tourists to visit by. You will even find how interesting the old pre-war houses having had each story behind. 

Then we went to Gajah Berang for its  famous Hing Loong Taiwanese Noodle (Malacca famous Beef & Pork Noodles) at a coffee shop. The coffee shop is quite popular among Malaccan. I ordered the beef soup and did not so sure whether it is a good dish as I found the info on food blog. When the dish has come, I looked at the soup… saying oh, I am taking spicy soup, looking at my darling in a big sigh. And I guess with no choice, I tasted it and found it is super delicious! The tasty is really satisfied me. Guess what, the soup is added with salted vegetable which is a bit little surprise. No wonder, in overall the tasty is so good appetizing.

After that, we went to the  Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake House (famous real Baba Nyonya) selling nyonya kuih. The nyonya kuih are nice and not too sweet. There are many kind of Nyonya Kuih you may see in the picture below. Taste fairly. Good for all ages.

The journey to Malacca will be always in my traveling journal that it ends with so much sweet memory I could hunt for more food and see sighting around in the small town. Malacca, the 2nd historical place after Penang, the 1st historical place that holds a special place in my heart.