Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Snap to Sell & Chat to Buy

Does this app mobile, Carousell is new to you?
I am sure some of you have known apps mobile to be used. E.g; Duriana.

What is Carousell?
Carousell, an app where it does BUY/ SELL centre. It provides people who tend to buy/sell new or second stuffs. Search ‘item’ you want to find, and you can browse through each of them. There you can drop a message or anything that meet your need.

How I come to know Carousell?
I desperately want to sell off my printer. I have nowhere to know about. Eventually, I got to know when I flipped through the pages scrolling down and spotted Carousell and I told myself why not trying to sign-up…

It leaves me few seconds and there I am part of Carousell in a quick minute. I studied a bit on how
this app works. No longer after that, I have uploaded the printers’ pictures and its description. It got me having my Carousell’s url link to be shared to social media. To get more traffic audience.

This is how Carousell looks like. A very cute bright red colour is always keeping you updating all stuffs when you like in anytime and anywhere.

Normally, an app mobile will sell fast even in a day, right? But it took me a month good enough to be in the line waiting for someone to turn up to BUY my printer! It has taken my deep patience and I believe that this app will helps me to get a buyer.

There this guy has popped a message at my Carousell app that he was interested in buying my printer. At the same time, I received email being informed I have a buyer. We have done texted to each other and our timing is not right. Then I studied again on the app twice to assure what/ whom I will get to meet up that which I don’t feel insecure at all.  Why? How do I know? I can read the buyer/seller’s comments (icons shown) from anyone. It does help a lot.

The app, Carousell has its own good effective way to keep a person on how to do the right business with the right person to buy and sell. Carousell is where you will definitely take in the first safe steps.

I have decided to ignore the guy already 4 days later and there is another guy has popped a message to my Carousell app too for asking my printer to buy. This guy is very much interested in buying and we had a quick bargaining price and I decided to sell my printer to him. He has made offer RM400 to me for selling the printer and I agreed. At the same time, he comes from a far to buy it and I would be very much like to sell it to him without any trouble having needed to post out. We set a place to meet up. I asked my man helped me to get to him. Yes, everything has settled out well as what we both have expected. I sold the printer to him and he has paid me COD (Cash On Delivery).

You can see how Carousell uses my stuff to sell to him here.

It is pretty good day to sell off my stuff and I got money, easy right? I am happy and I left him a good comment he’s a good buyer to deal with easily and friendly man.

Carousell is a place where you can buy stuffs for your own accessories and sell your stuffs or business stuffs to earn some cash.

Download this good app, Carousell for your own goodness. I am sure you will feel so good using this and sharing this app to your loves one.

I am quite satisfied with Carousell for helping me to choose the right app and I do always recommend this app to my friends.

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Thank you for your time.

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